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NEXT, a new business unit of Nooter/Eriksen, designs and supplies cooling towers and air cooled condensers for different industries and applications.

We can offer custom-designed solutions to meet your project-specific needs and satisfy both the thermal performance and noise, and plume abatement requirements of your projects.

Our engineers took part to the realization of hundreds of plants all over the word and their experience and track records combined with the strong technical skills of Nooter Eriksen personnel can provide the best value to our customers during all the phases of the project.

Cooling Towers
Cooling Tower

Our product range includes all large field erected products: counter flow, cross flow and hybrid cooling towers. We have large experience with FRP structures and we can offer a flexible design to fit with any plot plan and meet any requirement of our customer.



We are focused on single row tube air cooled condensers for different applications such as combined cycles, waste to energy, ORC and biomass plants. In this kind of condensers the main exhaust steam is condensed in parallel flow tube bundles and the residual steam in counter flow or “reflux” tube bundles.