As the world's leading supplier of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Nooter/​Eriksen has built and installed a full range of heat recovery systems. Included are many of the world’s largest natural circulation HRSGs, several producing in excess of 580 tons/hr of steam. To date, more than 1000+ HRSGs have been supplied for use behind gas turbines with outputs from 2 MW to over 300 MW. Over 430 Nooter/​Eriksen HRSGs incorporate supplementary firing, with burner duties often in excess of 500 MMBTU/hr. Since 1992 Nooter/​Eriksen has supplied over 400 HRSGs with reheat systems for improved plant efficiency behind large, advanced gas turbines.

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Total Fleet: 1000+

A dedicated designer and supplier of heat recovery boilers with the experience to back it up...

  • #1 HRSG supplier in the world
  • #1 HRSG supplier in North America
  • Supplied HRSGs to over 50 countries
  • 34 major projects with 4 to 8 HRSGs each
  • Largest single project - 3,750 MW in West County Energy Center, Palm Beach, Florida
  • Over 300 HRSGs behind >200MW CTs
  • CE marking and PED compliance
  • European boiler codes – EN12952
  • Canadian Standards (TSSA certification)
  • METI – Japanese boiler codes
  • TRG & GOST design codes
  • Full service Aftermarket support

We have supplied the equipment to produce 240,000 Megawatts powering the equivalent of 230 Million Homes

John Sevier / 870MW
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Songkhla / 795MW

Tracy / 516MW
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