Specialty Boiler Products

Fired Boilers

Nooter/Eriksen is more than a trusted boiler manufacturer. We provide comprehensive boiler packages, including all auxiliary equipment, allowing seamless integration into your plant. Burner management systems, emissions monitoring and control systems, boiler feedwater pumps and condensate pumps, chemical dosing and sampling systems, and all electrical and instrumentation necessary to operate the boiler safely and efficiently are available.

Nooter/Eriksen custom designs every boiler to optimize performance, efficiency and your unique plant layout requirements. We strive to understand your boiler needs and provide a solution that works for you. From the smallest to the largest installations, our natural circulation designs are available in Horizontal Bi-Drum or Vertical Mono Drum layouts in capacities up to 600,000 lb/hr, with steam temperatures from saturated to 1,023°F and pressures up to 2,100 psig. Our boiler designs are optimized for your gaseous or liquid fuel, whether it is natural gas, refinery gas, fuel oil, biofuel, or any combination in between.

The world’s leading supplier of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Nooter/Eriksen offers the same advanced constructability features for our industrial boiler line to reduce your field installation costs and minimize your schedule risks. Using trusted fabrication partners located near easy access to ports of export worldwide, Nooter/Eriksen provides large shop assembled boilers with the highest degree of prefabrication available on the market today. ‘Plug and play’ style units complete with furnace, burner and windbox, screen, superheaters, evaporators, steam and mud drums with saddles, risers, and feeders, buckstays, all large bore and small bore piping with valves and instrumentation, and all external insulation and lagging can be furnished for sites accessible by barge or heavy haul.

Nooter/Eriksen provides you with a single point of contact on every project to address all project related questions from design/layout and engineering, during delivery, installation and startup, and through the life of the plant. From coordination of equipment interfaces through operational questions, you can rest assured our project management team will provide you with the service you expect. Our Aftermarket Services team supports project installations around the world and can handle any upgrade, enhancement, replacement or repair, even for boilers built by other manufacturers.

Auxiliary Equipment
  • Ultra Low NOx Burners with Flue Gas Recirculation
  • Catalyst systems for CO and NOx control
  • Catalyst monorail and hoists
  • Sootblowers
  • Desuperheaters
  • Access platforms
  • Feedwater pumps
  • Deaerators
  • Economizers
  • Electric lower drum heating coils
  • Air inlet preheaters
  • Acoustic design (stack and vent silencing, casing thickness, acoustic shroud and/or noise barrier)
  • Forced draft fans with motor and steam turbine drives
  • Lube oil systems
  • Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS)
  • Electrical power and control cabling, conduit and raceways
  • Instrument tubing
  • Heat tracing
  • External insulation
  • Area lighting
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Steam sampling and chemical dosing systems
  • Blow down tanks
  • Anchor bolts
  • Piping and supports
Global Excellence

Successfully providing boilers meeting the Client’s most stringent design, supply and fabrication requirements.

  • ASME
  • API
  • METI
  • EN12952
  • PED
  • CE
  • GOST


Quality and Reliability – Nooter/Eriksen has spent years developing and coaching our network of highly capable and dependable fabrication partners around the globe allowing us to produce the highest quality, most reliable equipment available on the market today.

Engineering – Boiler operating ranges to meet your needs, piping stress analysis provided, CFD analysis for flow distribution, 3D modeling for plant integration of all equipment, and participation in HAZOP/SIL studies

Logistics and Transportation – We’ve been trusted to deliver equipment to project sites in 55 countries around the globe for more than 33 years. Our team specializes in air, truck, ocean, rail, barge and heavy haul transport. We are uniquely qualified to deliver all your cargo safely and on time.

Constructability - We maximize shop fabrication within transportation limits to minimize field construction schedules. We offer the highest degree of constructability solutions to reduce field costs and minimize schedule risks.

Installation -Turn-key installation solutions are available in several markets. Since 1987, we’ve installed over 90 units at 39 jobsites in 10 countries utilizing both union and non-union contractors