Nooter/Eriksen is committed to supporting the maintenance and operation of our customers’ HRSGs. With our proven experience in boiler design, fabrication and installation, we have the expertise and technology to provide aftermarket services tailored to meet the demanding requirements of the industry. We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help our clients achieve the highest level of reliability and availability.

With an ever-evolving power industry, N/E Aftermarket Services can offer any service needed to operate, update, maintain, modify or repair any OEM’s HRSG based on today’s technology and design philosophies.

Engineering & Inspection Services

As you plan your next outage or upgrade, let our experienced staff provide inspection and evaluation services. We can help identify potential problem areas before they cause costly down time and the need for major repairs.

  • HRSG Inspection
  • Performance Assessment
  • HRSG Evaluations for Turbine Upgrades
  • Burner Assessment

N/E offers complete support from inspections to turn-key services including design, fabrication and installation of replacement components.


As HRSG components reach the end of their service life, repair or replacement is often the solution. Also as demands change from the originally designed operation of HRSGs, often the equipment must change too. Whether it is replacing equipment that has reached the end of service life or a retrofit project for new operating conditions, Nooter/Eriksen Aftermarket Services can offer complete turn-key services including design, fabrication and installation of replacement or retrofitted components.

Turn-Key SCR Retrofits

Team up with the industry leader in HRSG technology. We can retrofit SCR Systems in existing HRSGs, regardless of OEM. Let us assist you in the feasibility and methodology of your SCR requirements. N/E has over 100 SCR systems in operation and we can design, supply and install an SCR system in your existing HRSG on a turnkey basis utilizing our world class team of systems and construction engineers and our reliable and longtime catalyst and ammonia system suppliers.

SCR Retrofit

Replacement Parts

Rely on our knowledge and our trusted supplier base for replacement parts. Not only can we supply OEM replacement parts such as valves, gaskets, and tubes, but also a wide range of specialty replacement parts or upgrade items. Just let us know what your parts needs are.

  • Material Upgrades
  • Design Enhancements
  • Custom Tube Bends
  • Casing Penetration Seals